Frequently Asked Question

Weight Loss & Skinny Spa Tea

Can I stop taking the tea at any time?

Yes, you can stop taking the tea at any time. However, for best results we recommended following product instructions..

How long can I take Fit Tea products?

You can take Fit Tea products for as long as you like!

Is there an expiration date of Fit Tea products?

Please see product packaging for “best by” dates.

What can I do to achieve better results?

Use Fit Tea products as per package instructions. In addition, exercise/working out and eating right all contribute to better results.

If I choose to stop drinking Fit Tea, how do I maintain my current weight without gaining any weight back?

Consistent exercise and a healthy diet help in maintaining weight.


When should I expect to receive my package?

Orders placed by 1:00pm EST will be shipped same day. Please refer to the tracking link we send you to see when your order will arrive.

Is there a shipping cost?

We offer free shipping on orders over $75.00. If your order is under that amount, your shipping cost will be calculated at checkout via USPS and UPS accounts.

Why isn’t the tracking link working once I receive an email confirmation on the order?

Please contact USPS or UPS for issues regarding tracking information.