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Woman posing after diet

“Woman posing before and after successful diet”

I have been using Skinny Spa Tea for about three months. I can’t recommend it enough! I am a mom of two and always found it hard to stick to diets and didn’t really exercise much. When I first started the tea I became more aware of what I was eating. Now I am eating healthier (most of the time - with a cheat meal each week!) and I have started exercising on a regular basis. Nothing too intense - mostly long walks around the neighborhood, but I love that the tea gave me a little head start. In addition to the physical changes my body has gone through since using the Tea, I have also noticed that I feel more energized and less tired. Thank you Skinny Spa Tea for making me feel my best in years!
Girl in bikini

“Girl in bikini”

Skinny Spa I love you!! This tea works so well! I have seen really great results so far and I am planning to continue doing the detox for another pack, maybe 2. Since starting my first detox I have been going to the gym everyday and it is totally paying off! Also I’ve been feeling way less bloated which has been amazing!!

Woman after diet

“Woman’s body before and after a diet”

I have never found a diet that works well for me. After finding Skinny Spa Tea online and doing some research, I decided to give it a try and I am glad I did. I bought the Skinny Spa Tea AM 28 day detox package. I drink it every morning in place of my usual coffee and as an avid coffee drinker, I didn’t even miss it... my detox tea is the perfect substitute. I have been trying to exercise more and I have to say that this tea has given me more energy to do longer workouts. So far have enjoyed the tea a lot and I am thinking of trying the spa gels next.
Manbefore after

“Man before and after diet”

I was done with feeling tired and sluggish and I knew I needed to make a change. Skinny Spa Tea was the help I needed to get started in the right direction. After reading the reviews I thought hey, it can’t hurt to give it a try. So I ordered the PM 14 day ($25 - pretty good price for what you get). My stomach feels less heavy, I’m not craving as much junk, and I haven’t had as many digestive problems as I normally did before trying the tea. Nice work Skinny Spa.

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hello confidence

Becky Elmer

I feel like I've lost inches around my waist - whether that be excess water or bloating, I feel fabulous and can't recommend this product enough

drink me!

Rachie Homan

I used to drink 3-5 cups of coffee EVERY day. Since switching to skinny tea, i've lost quite a few pounds and can fit into clothes that were way too tight and unflattering a month ago

Who's laughing now?

Dave Chapel

The boys in the office gave me a bit of stick when they saw me drinking this tea, but since losing a noticeable amount of weight around my stomach, they're starting to ask what this magic tea is and where they can buy it from. Cheers guys!


Kerstin Brand

Within a couple of weeks, I noticed that not only does my stomach look flatter, but that I also seem to have way more energy which has really helped kick start my new gym schedule

feeling slimmer already

Fatima Chandel

After drinking this for around a month and stepping up my exercise routine, I definitely feel slimmer. Most noticeably around my stomach and arms. Would definitely recommend

it's tea time

Penny Wilson

This tea has literally changed my life. I've vowed to never drink coffee or normal tea again - why load up on those excess calories and bloating dairy in your morning cuppa when you can upgrade it for an intelligent tea that boosts your metabolism, weight loss and helps detox your body

wedding weight loss

Max Brown

I'm trying to lose my belly before my wedding in December. Impressed with the results 3 weeks in. Feeling lighter and less bloated already.

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