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Woman posing after diet

“Woman posing before and after successful diet”

I have been using Skinny Spa Tea for about three months. I can’t recommend it enough! I am a mom of two and always found it hard to stick to diets and didn’t really exercise much. When I first started the tea I became more aware of what I was eating. Now I am eating healthier (most of the time - with a cheat meal each week!) and I have started exercising on a regular basis. Nothing too intense - mostly long walks around the neighborhood, but I love that the tea gave me a little head start. In addition to the physical changes my body has gone through since using the Tea, I have also noticed that I feel more energized and less tired. Thank you Skinny Spa Tea for making me feel my best in years!
Girl in bikini

“Girl in bikini”

Skinny Spa I love you!! This tea works so well! I have seen really great results so far and I am planning to continue doing the detox for another pack, maybe 2. Since starting my first detox I have been going to the gym everyday and it is totally paying off! Also I’ve been feeling way less bloated which has been amazing!!

Woman after diet

“Woman’s body before and after a diet”

I have never found a diet that works well for me. After finding Skinny Spa Tea online and doing some research, I decided to give it a try and I am glad I did. I bought the Skinny Spa Tea AM 28 day detox package. I drink it every morning in place of my usual coffee and as an avid coffee drinker, I didn’t even miss it... my detox tea is the perfect substitute. I have been trying to exercise more and I have to say that this tea has given me more energy to do longer workouts. So far have enjoyed the tea a lot and I am thinking of trying the spa gels next.
Manbefore after

“Man before and after diet”

I was done with feeling tired and sluggish and I knew I needed to make a change. Skinny Spa Tea was the help I needed to get started in the right direction. After reading the reviews I thought hey, it can’t hurt to give it a try. So I ordered the PM 14 day ($25 - pretty good price for what you get). My stomach feels less heavy, I’m not craving as much junk, and I haven’t had as many digestive problems as I normally did before trying the tea. Nice work Skinny Spa.

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Cleansing time!

Sophia Young

My digestive system has been really slow recently so gave this tea a try to reboot my digestive system before starting a new diet - super happy with the results. Feel way less bloated in just a few days and finally comfortable in previously too-tight jeans. Thanks :-)

Why wait until the New Year?

Danielle Benson

I've been unhappy with my weight for some time and thought, why wait until 2018 to do something about it and feel self-conscious throughout the biggest party season of the year? I've seen a huge difference to my tummy which looks flatter and a lot less bloated. Combined with my personal trainer sessions, I'm really excited and motivated to smash my target weight before Thanksgiving.

weight loss

Matt Sherman

Drinking this tea daily has helped me shift 4 pounds in 2 weeks - definitely feel less puffed out and lighter on my feet


Stacey Campbell

I've bee using this for around 2 weeks - not only do I feel a lot less bloated, but I've also noticed my skin is a lot clearer and radiant. A must-try for anyone needing a little detox

weight loss aid

Anna Kovac

I've been drinking this tea for around a month now and, in addition to hitting the gym 2-3 times per week, I've lost 2.7 Kilograms and feel a lot less hungry. If you've struggled with your weight like I have for years, this is a great product to try to boost your weight loss journey.

tried and tested

Jenni Simmons

Having tried nearly every weight loss tea on the market, I'm really impressed with Skinny Spa Tea. Now a converted coffeeholic, I drink this every morning instead and feel so much better for it - goodbye excess bloat!

bikini ready

Katerina Jovnik

wish I'd discovered this before the summer, but better late than never.. Within 2 weeks of drinking this twice daily, I feel so much less bloated and finally look good in a bikini for the firs time in years. Thank you skinny spa!

addictive results

Jane Liebster

I feel cleansed, lighter, slimmer and best of all, more comfortable in my clothes.

banish bloating

Sarah Doyle

Super duper impressed with this tea. I've always had issues with water retention and bloating, which has significantly reduce over the last 3 weeks. Way to go guys! Finally, a tea that works :-)

post-summer detox

Dania Kurstin

Genuinely feel slimmer, lighter and my skin is glowing!!!

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